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Marca: Wanhao

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 11:03

Impresoras 3D DLP: Photon (DLP-SLA)

Impresoras 3D DLP: Photon (DLP-SLA)

Marca: Anycubic

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 11:02

Impresoras 3D DLP: Voladora (FDM)

Impresoras 3D DLP: Voladora (FDM)

Marca: Tumaker

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 11:01

Impresoras 3D DLP: Delta (FDM)

Impresoras 3D DLP: Delta (FDM)

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 10:13

Impresoras 3D DLP: P-minifab (FDM)

Impresoras 3D DLP: P-minifab (FDM)

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 09:59


El nuevo IRB 4600 se caracteriza por presentar un diseño compacto y ligero, con un brazo superior de aluminio y ruedas dentadas rectas, diseño de ABB. Además, el robot incorpora QuickMove y TrueMove, la innovadora tecnología punta de movimientos de ABB, que define el rendimiento exacto y la precisión de recorrido con el mínimo tiempo de ciclo.

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2020 09:51

TERMOFORMADORA: Vacuum Former 1820

Our vacuum formers have been developed for high performance, ease of use and low maintenance. All machines are fitted with a -0.83 bar vacuum pump, which also provides a blow release to assist in the removal of the forming. Ceramic heater systems are used for fast and even heating. The platen slides on chrome plated slide bars with nylon bushes for smooth operation.  The heater hood slides on cantilever tracks, leaving the front of the machine open for roll feeding material.  The one-piece moulded silicone top seal is heat resistant for long service, while the platen seal simply lifts out for ease of maintenance.  The 1820 will produce professional, quality and high definition vacuum formings on a production scale as required by model makers, engineers and students quickly, efficiently and consistently.
The 1820 is supplied as a freestanding unit with lockable castors for ease of movement around the workshop. Voltage

Jueves, 14 Mayo 2020 11:44


Dimensiones(mm): 3650x2320x1280

Área de trabajo(mm): 2500x1300

Peso (Kg): 1000

Voltaje: AC380, 50 Hz

Potencia eléctrica demandada (Kw): 9,5 kW

Vacio: 5 kW

Jueves, 14 Mayo 2020 11:34


Marca: Leiming

Dimensiones: 2000x1800x1900

Área de trabajo(mm): 1300x1300

Peso (Kg): 1500

Voltaje: 220V-50Hz

Potencia eléctrica demandada (Kw): 4kVA




Jueves, 14 Mayo 2020 11:27



peso: 580

mesa Mesa 1300x900 mm

Potencia láser  130 W